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1965 Sunbeam Tiger

This is a 1965 Sunbeam Tiger that has been painstakingly restored to just as one of these cars would have appeared in a Sunbeam dealer’s showroom in 1965 when it was new.

An extensive amount of time went into researching exactly what a Sunbeam Tiger would have looked like in 1965 before any work ever began on this car. Archive pictures were scrutinized for fine details, books written by known experts on the Tiger, like Miller’s “Book of Norman”, “Tiger – An Exceptional Motor Car”, by Carroll, and books showing Tigers being assembled in the factory were used to make sure every part on this car is just as it appeared when it left the factory. Finally, not one, but two low mileage, unrestored, original Sunbeam Tigers were on hand to look at during the restoration when questions arose.

For example, there are several different types of hose clamps used on the various systems of the Tigers, including band clamps on some heater hoses, wire clamps on others, Ford’s own unique style clamps on the bypass hoses, wind-up clamps on the brake servo hose, etc, all of which are present on this car, and in their correct locations. Some of these clamps are no longer being made and had to be scrounged up from various places after long searches in order to make this
car true to its original appearance. The close-up pictures show some of the examples.

Correctly numbered and dated parts for this Tiger were used throughout as well. The correctly numbered original carburetor, regulator, and yellow top coil are just a few. The original Lucas switches and other components, all of which are dated, have the correct 1965 date on them, even though many are hidden where they will probably never be seen.

You won’t find any LAT accessories on this car, nor will you find any high performance parts that would not have been on the car when it left the factory.

Every system in this car was rebuilt during the rotisserie restoration. Nothing was left untouched. This is essentially a new car, and every system on the car functions just as you would expect if you went to a Sunbeam dealer in 1965 and bought this Tiger new. You can get in this car here in Georgia and drive it to California tomorrow, or you can tow it as a trailer queen in an enclosed trailer to AACA shows and win 1st place trophies with it.

The paint is arctic white two stage, basecoat – clearcoat urethane, color sanded with 1500, then 2500 grit paper, then buffed to its current glass-like appearance.